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Sunday, 31 July 2011

31-Jul-2011 - Hollie GREIG Gets Guarded Coverage in Sunday Express Scotland

31-Jul-2011 - Hollie GREIG Gets Guarded Coverage in Sunday Express Scotland


it is interesting to note that the claims and allegations surrounding the Hollie Greig 'stories' are treated as just that in the Scottish version of The Sunday Express and also that there is no entry of the story on their online version or web site.

Ben Borland the journalist would seem to have done little 'due dilligence' on the subject merely adding many allegedly type comments to cover himself.

I have had a photographic image of the story sent to me and with a bit of effort it is fairly easy to read:
Here is a full transcript which has subsequently been sent to me:
Breaking News: Hollie Greig case exposed in today’s Scottish Sunday Express

By Ben Borland – Deputy Editor (Politics)

The Scottish Sunday Express

The Lord Advocate has been urged to carry out a “thorough review” to find out why no one has been brought to justice in the case of a Down’s Syndrome woman who police say was abused as a child.

Hollie Greig, now 31, alleges she was sexually assaulted for 14 years from the age of 6, before finally telling her mother, Anne, about her ordeal in 2000.

Grampian Police did investigate but, along with the Procurator Fiscal’s office in the North East, concluded there was not enough evidence to bring a prosecution.

However, documents show that a doctor and the investigating officers “were all of the opinion that [Hollie] had been the victim of… sexual abuse in the past.”

Two years ago Hollie was paid £13,500 in criminal injuries compensation after a Grampian detective described her as a “truthful witness” and an “innocent victim”. A further police probe was launched but last year the crown office said there was not enough “credible evidence” to take action.

Now at least two English MPs have written to Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland to raise their concerns at the decision not to bring criminal proceedings.

In one letter, Andrew George, Liberal MP for St. Ives in Cornwall states: “There appears to be a lot of evidence allegations which point in one direction and indicates that this whole case deserves a thorough review”

He adds: “Many of the professionals with whom she came into contact have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts.”

Conservative MP David Ruffley, MP for Bury St. Edmunds, also wrote to express his concerns about the “appalling case”

The Scottish Sunday Express understands that Prime Minister David Cameron has even been made aware of the allegations but is satisfied that it is purely a Scottish matter.

Hollie and Anne, who now live in Shropshire, have become the focus of an extensive Internet campaign, with a number of blogs and social networking pages set up to discuss the case. Sarah Brown, the former Prime Minister’s wife, is among 3000 ‘friends’ of the ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ Facebook page.

There is furious debate on a number of allegations, including the claim that Hollie was a victim of a paedophile ring. Others believe there has been a sinister “cover up” by the authorities, including the Crown Office, Grampian Police and the Scottish Government.

Many outlandish complaints were dismissed by former police watchdog for Scotland, Jim Martin, who looked into the case in 2008.

However Mr. Martin also published a letter from a Detective Inspector in Aberdeen, which was sent to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in September 2003.

It states: The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that [Hollie] was sexually abused.”

Criminal injuries compensation requires a lower level of proof than the courts.

Robert Green, the Greig family’s lay legal advisor, said the tragic case is a “real can of worms” and demanded a public enquiry.

A Crown Office spokesman said: “The Lord advocate has received a letter from Andrew George MP and has issued a response.”

Yesterday, Mr. George released the contents of Mr. Mulholland’s reply. In it, he states: “Very careful consideration was given to the material by Crown Council who concluded that there was insufficient admissible, credible and reliable evidence in respect of these allegations.”

You will find there is nothing new here that has not been covered long ago at CLICK HERE

Copies of the letters and reports commented on in Dan Borland's article are readily available and although they can, at a stretch, be made to indicate the claims made collectively there is clearly no credible medical evidence to uphold any of the allegations and without doubt having spoken on several occasions to Hollie at some length and for many hours with her Mother Anne Greig there is without doubt absolutely no chance of a prosecution, based upon a complete dirth of credible, sustainable evidence - merely a series of febrile constructs based on setting out with a decision and then fitting in the pieces that get you to the decision.

Exactly the wrong way to investigate anything!

These 'stories' have been looked at in detail by at least 4 front line journalists (4 different papers) who have looked in detail and have been unable to find evidence that would be admissioble to sustain a prosecution let alone stand a chance of a conviction. It is easily as valid to claim this claimed abuse never happened as it is to build a case to make allegations.

As for the death of Roy Greig there is absolutely not one shred of evidence to indicate any other cause than by his own hand and both motive, state of mind and circumstances that make suicide as irrefutable as one ever reasonably could.

To follow up on all the evidence for both sides do read it ALL and then draw your own conclusions at CLICK HERE I have been a bit lax in keeping the new fabrications and apparent fantasies updated as the 'Stories' have been so clearly debunked and not one shred of evidence of any compelling nature has been presented for at least 18 months - though much has been made of contrived situations such as Robert Green's arrest and his bail conditions.

Strangely he seems to find that being arrested for setting out to break the law and deliberately defame people without valid evidence is in some way unjust! That having shown beyond doubt he is untrustworthy and most clearly both a fantasist and a liar it seems to have come as a surprise to him that he was placed under bail restrictions and ever since that February arrest he has centered the case he has built around himself.

Dragging in unrelated happenings and treating his extrapolations as fact has in the long run undermined the entire justice system for his personal agrandisement sadly.

However as I said - read all the submissions, the letters, the reports, the police enquiries and medical opinions and then draw your own conclusions. It does not take a great deal of wit to realise there is no valid case, no evidence of note, the police enquiries have made the matter clear and there was so little valid evidence and so much obvious fact that the police could not even justify interviewing all who were besmeared with the allegations.

I freely admit that I myself was beguiled by the 'story' as it was presented to me initially but the more seriously one investigated the facts the more convincing was the collapse of the 'Story' to which much has been added since that is even less plausible.

Do read the hard data - dismiss anyone who shelters their lies behind false identities and be sure to note the official documents and then draw your own conclusions.

The facts demolish the 'stories' surrounding Hollie Greig, her mother Anne Greig, Roy Greig and Robert Green - most others involved promoting the 'stories' are fake personnas and malcontents seeking to debase our justice system in Britain in some twisted form of revenge for their own failings, it seems.

'Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable - expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name! No child asked to be or enjoys abuse, it is for the gratification of the inadequate'.
To understand the Concept & Services of Stolen????-
where you can help yourself and others: StolenKids-
4 Those losing kids due to 'authorities' ie Forced Adoption & Care!
Or perhaps more suited to YOUR needs: StolenChildhood- 
4 those facing abuse past or present sexual or other!
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4 those where or have suffered abuse within a relationship!
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