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Friday, 2 October 2009

Shrops.Star. - 02-Oct-09 Sue AUSTIN - Hollie GREIG

Shrops.Star. - 02-Oct-09 Sue AUSTIN - Hollie GREIG

Investigator makes vow over rape allegations

A friend of the family of Hollie Greig, the young Shropshire Down’s Syndrome woman who says she was raped by a paedophile gang, says he will name and shame those involved, during a trip to Scotland tomorrow.

Robert Green will speak out at a public meeting of the campaign group, Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers, in Edinburgh.

He says he will name not only those 28-year-old Hollie says raped her, but those who he says have covered up the crime.

Hollie, who now lives with her mother Anne in Ruyton-XI-Towns, was awarded criminal injuries compensation after she was sexually abused even though nobody has been charged or brought before the courts over it.

Medical evidence showed she was a victim of abuse and had undergone a traumatic experience.

Hollie and her mother say she had been the victim of a paedophile ring since the age of six, for 14 years, before she moved to Shropshire.

Last month Hollie was interviewed by Grampian police officers who travelled to Shrewsbury to re-investigate the allegations.

Mr Green, a 63-year-old investigator from Cheshire, took up the case after being approached by the Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers group.

He says he has been so horrified by the abuse Hollie suffered he will do what he can to see the perpetrators brought to justice.

“I will be speaking at the public meeting in Quaker Hall in Edinburgh where I will be naming and shaming all those involved in this terrible crime against Hollie,” he said.

“She and her mother are so courageous and Hollie has gone through such a lot, I feel I must help them.”

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