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Friday, 24 July 2009

David ICKE - Newsletter - 24-Jul-2009

David ICKE - Newsletter - 24-Jul-2009


First may I thank David Icke for picking up the cudgel in the fight for StolenKids & their families but also for his generous offer:

Hello Greg ... thanks for the email, mate. I have sent your link for posting on my headlines page and asked my webmaster to add a permanent link on a side column.

All the best with it,

David Icke Newsletter Preview

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Most disturbing is the way the state is taking children away from parents via secret 'family courts' for the most extraordinary reasons. These courts have no jury and the standard of proof required is lower than in criminal courts.

The authorities do not have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a child has been abused, only that on the 'balance of probabilities' this might be the case. We have had mothers acquitted of abuse in a criminal court who have still had their children stolen by the state in the family courts which demand lower standards of evidence.

Arrogant, mind-programmed 'social workers' are using this rigged system to seize children and hand them to foster parents of their choice while warning the parents that if they challenge this outrage they will never be allowed to even see their children again.

If you are new to this information, that last paragraph is worth a second read.

A mother in the UK had her twin babies taken from her by social workers for joking that the caesarean birth had ruined her body. She spent £38,000 on IVF treatment in a desperate attempt to have children and these deeply disturbed people removed them within weeks. When she lost her temper at what they had done they reported that she had 'anger problems' which could be a threat to her twins.

The authorities exploit high-profile real abuse cases to scan the community for fake 'abuse' that they can use to steal children from their parents. This is becoming commonplace now, but the public don't realise that because its all done in secret.

To view the full article on the twins CLICK HERE

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